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Is Solar a Good Financial Decision in VIC

Rethink Your Solar Savings: The Truth About Solar Credits

Think you’re getting a sweet deal with those solar credits? Think again!

If your power bill still gives you a shock, it’s time to debunk the solar credit myth and discover the real way to save big with those panels on your roof.

Have you fallen into the solar credit trap?

Loads of Australians install solar hoping for massive bill savings. But then, they start exporting more power to the grid than they use and still end up with a hefty bill. What is the reason?

Here’s the thing: solar credits are a bit of a trick.

You might get a few cents per kilowatt-hour of energy you export, but what they don’t always tell you is how MUCH you pay when you buy energy back from the same grid.

Sometimes it’s way more than those measly credits!

Time to rethink your solar strategy

The smart play is to use your solar power directly when the sun’s out. Run your dishwasher, washing machine, even your air con during the day – it’s basically free power! Then, if you have any leftover energy, store it in a battery for night-time use. THAT way, you’re not buying back your own power at crazy prices.

Let’s do the maths, mate!

Say you sell the grid 500 units of solar power. Sweet, a few bucks back. But, when you buy back that same amount at night, you’re forking out way more per unit. It’s like buying something for $6 and selling it back for $165 – bad deal!

Solar is about control, not quick cash

Think of solar power not just as money-saving, but as freedom. Freedom from crazy energy bills, freedom to power your life the way you want. Get clever with how you use that sunshine you’ve harnessed, and you’ll see the real magic of solar.

So yeah, focus on using as much of your solar power during the day as you can, top it off with a battery if it makes sense, and the savings will follow. But don’t forget that feeling of pride when those panels are humming.

THAT’S the real reason to go solar.

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